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Royal Family is Expecting – Tingalls is Also Expecting

Tingalls Under Construction

Tingalls Under Construction

A new look!

Today the royal family announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting a royal baby. It seems like the perfect opportunity to announce that Tingalls is also expecting a new look and much more!

Currently, the office is under construction as we revamp our entrance and add a private conference room. In addition, we’ve changed the company name from Tingalls Dzyn to Tingalls Graphic Design, LLC. Check our Facebook Page to see the construction process and to see our new branding unroll.

At the beginning of November the Tingalls Graphic Design team each unveiled a new look for the company branding and a few logo ideas. The original logo has been unchanged since 1999 when the company started so we are very excited about our new addition!

Stay tuned for the new Tingalls Graphic Design logo and branding reaveal in January 2013!