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Guidelines for Facebook Banners


Facebook Banner Guidelines

Facebook Banner Guidelines

Tingalls Graphic Design is often asked to update cover images for our clients on Facebook and we’re more than happy to help you reinforce your brand, increase customer loyalty and recognition. We feel it’s important to share Facebook’s guidelines for cover images so you can get the most out of your social media banner on Facebook and so you don’t “get in trouble”. Remember, Facebook reserves the right to reject a page at any time for any reason, so you want to play by their rules.

  • No pricing information in the cover photo. This means you can’t advertise your sale price, you can’t post the percent off or even if you’re having a going out of business sale. No sales, no pricing.
  • No direct purchase information. So tempting to encourage people to buy it at mywebsite.com but this is not allowed.
  • Don’t ask for a Like and/or Share. While you can ask people to like your page or share your page in a post, you can’t ask for it on your cover page.
  • Other calls to action. Do not encourage people to “tell your friends” or “get it now” or “hurry in” etc.
  • No company information. Wait, what?! Yes, this is absolutely true, Facebook does not want you to include your web address, contact information or anything similar on your Facebook cover image for a business website. They want this information in the about section and there only.
  • Your entire cover page, which includes your cover image, is public and cannot be hidden. Your cover page cannot be deceptive or misleading and your image (name, logo etc) must NOT be copyrighted by anyone else.

Some things that are allowed on your Facebook cover image include your company logo and name, a photo of your offices or staff, an image that you own or have purchased the copyright to which depicts your company vibe.
Contact Tingalls Graphic Design if you’re interested in updating your Facebook company cover image and including your company branding or logo.