Brochure vs. Palmcard: Picking the Right Print Advertising

Brochure vs Palmcard Print Marketing

Brochure vs Palmcard Print Marketing

Once upon a time every company believed they needed to have a brochure so they rushed out to have one printed that included a ton of information about their company and possibly a few pictures. Quite often not a lot of thought went into the creation of a company brochure, it was just something you had to have. Today that’s changed and many businesses are trying to be more streamlined in their marketing approach and gathering clients.

For some companies a trifold brochure still makes the most sense but for other companies a smaller palmcard with only two sides is the better choice. And, in some cases, a company may find that they need both a brochure AND a palmcard.

The first thing you have to nail down when trying to decide which print marketing avenue to pursue is what information are you going to provide. If you’ve got a limited amount of information you’re trying to advertise, then a palmcard is probably the solution for you. Palmcards are perfect for established companies that are holding a new promotion or introducing a new service where there is little text but lots of excitement.

Companies that have a lot of information they want to provide their customers may prefer a brochure over a palmcard as they have much more space to get their message across. New businesses may want to break out all their areas of expertise, or an established company may want to give clients a handy detailed reference that looks nicer and more professional than a couple pages of instructions printed on your office computer. Brochures are a great way to provide a lot of information in a compact package.

It’s not uncommon for a company to find that different marketing ventures require different print materials and sometimes a multipronged approach works best.

Tingalls Graphic Design can not only help you design and create your company brochures and palmcards, but we can also help you decide which approach will be most effective. Contact us if you would like help on your next print campaign.

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