5 Reasons to Continue with Print Marketing

Reasons to Use Print Marketing

Reasons to Use Print Marketing

Social media is growing daily with more and more outlets for businesses as well as individuals and more people embracing the technology as a way of life. But will electronic media ever swallow up print marketing? We don’t think so and here are our top 5 reasons why.

There’s Credibility in Print

Anyone can publish anything online, accuracy and reliability aren’t necessarily inherent in information found on the internet. But print carries a sense of credibility which boosts the reliability of a company.

It’s Tangible

There is something to be said about a piece of advertising that is tangible, one that you can hold in your hands, tuck in your purse, tack up on the refrigerator and refer to later.

Positive Impact

A study by Sequent Partners and Yankelovich found that people are more likely to be positively impacted by advertising in print than digital media.

Targeted Audience

Print marketing can be tailored to reach a targeted audience with a message that appeals directly to them.

Integrated Approach

The best marketing approach is an integrated one that uses both electronic media and print to reinforce a company message.

With more and more people turning to online newsletters and blogs as their only way to reach their clients a good old fashioned print newsletter from your company can send an entirely different message. The impact you make will not get lost in email clutter – or worse, deleted.

Contact Tingalls Graphic Design for all of your print marketing needs, we’d be more than happy to help.

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