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Tara Ingalls is the owner of Tingalls Graphic Design and has over two decades of marketing experience. Since launching her business in 2000, she and her team have created over 1,300 unique brands in a variety of industries from doggie daycares to law firms and everything in between.

Below is just a sampling of the myriad of marketing-related topics that are available.

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What Should be Included in my Brand Guidelines?

With the onset and popularity of social media in addition to traditional marketing avenues, it’s important now more than ever to create comprehensive brand guidelines for your company. Brand guides are invaluable both internally and externally if you hire outside contractors to assist with your company’s marketing efforts. In this short presentation, Tara will showcase sample brand guides and discuss the necessary elements to keep your brand intact. (30 minutes) 

How to Avoid Shiny Things Syndrome: Choosing the Right Marketing Avenues

When it comes to marketing your business there are so many choices that it can be almost impossible to know which direction to go.  And, with the popularity of so many social media and digital marketing avenues, it would appear traditional advertising mediums are becoming obsolete altogether. But, are they? In this interactive seminar, Tara will walk attendees through a process for setting realistic and measurable marketing goals on a variety of platforms. We’ll also discuss the importance of creating detailed target audience personas and how those can help you determine where to market your business and how much to spend. (60 minutes)

Marketplace Differentiation: How is my Business Unique?

Using Tingalls 4 P’s approach – People, Process, Pricing and Products – Tara will help clients discover how they’re unique in each quadrant to create more engaging content on their website and social media channels. (30-45 minutes)

Creating Detailed Target Audience Personas

If you’re unable to identify who you’re marketing to, you can easily be swayed to spend your hard earned marketing dollars in places where potential customers may never find you. In this seminar, Tara will help participants create multiple target audience personas including not only general demographic information but also key psychographic traits. (30 minutes)

Social Media Content Creation Workshop

Content burnout is real, we’ve all felt it. What if you could attend a 1 hour workshop and leave with 3 months of content? In this interactive workshop, Tara will walk participants through a series of brainstorming worksheets and also share tips and tricks on current media scheduling tools saving you time and money. (60-90 minutes)

Tingalls Keyword 6-pack for Optimal Website SEO

We all know keywords are important for search engine optimization, but do you know exactly where to put them on your website? Tara will share the 5 key areas for keywords plus a bonus SEO tip often overlooked by website designers. (30-45 minutes)

How to Optimize your Google Listing

Have you claimed your Google listing? This is the first step in optimizing your listing through Google My Business. In this seminar, you’ll learn how to complete your listing, why they’re important, and how to optimize every nook-and-cranny making it easier for new customers to find you. (30 minutes)

Other Topics of Interest

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How to Host a Successful Vision Board Workshop

Tara’s presentation on brand guides was incredibly informative. Members left with a simple and clear checklist of elements to begin building their own guides for marketing consistency. This presentation is valuable to any organization in any industry!

Kate Miller, Executive Director, Middleton Chamber of Commerce

Prior Speaking Experience

11/14/2022 – FEED Summit 2022: Be a Thriving Food Entrepreneur – “Tips for Creating Eye-catching Product Packaging”
11/11/2022 – Small Business Development Center’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Conference – “How to Avoid Shiny Things Syndrome: Choosing the Right Advertising Avenues based on your Goals”
10/20/22 – SCORE – “What Should be included in my Company’s Brand Guide”
10/17/2022 – NARI Madison Member Workshop – “Facebook: Creating Target Audiences & Insights”
9/19/2022 – Verona Area Chamber of Commerce – “How to Determine my Uniqueness in the Marketplace”
8/25/2022 – Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce – “How to Build a Brand Guide”
7/28/2022 – Oregon Chamber of Commerce – “Social Media Content Creation Workshop”
6/07/2022 – Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce – “How to Optimize your Google Listing”
4/05/2022 – Middleton Chamber of Commerce – “How to Create a Company Brand Guide”
2/25/2022 – Tingalls Munch-n-Learn – “How to Host a Vision Board Workshop”
3/11/2021 – Middleton Chamber of Commerce – “6 Areas to Optimize your Website with Keywords”
3/10/2021 – Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce – “How to Choose the Right Website Platform”
6/17/2020 – Madison Professionals Network – “15 Ways to Market on a Shoestring Budget”
5/17/2020 – SCORE – “15 Ways to Market on a Shoestring Budget”
12/08/2020 – Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce – “6 Areas to Optimize your Website with Keywords”
1/03/2020 – Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce – “Ten Trades how Tips”

Speaking Fees

Presentation fees are based on the size of the audience and the duration of the event. All presentations are designed to be “workshops” with tangible takeaways your guests can implement into their businesses immediately.

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