Tingalls graphic design munch-n-learn seminar series

Tingalls Munch-n-Learn Series

Join us for our up-coming Spring seminar series - professional development with a pickel on the side!

Tuesday, April 16

Earn more leads and sales from the website traffic you already have!

Speaker: Eagan Heath, Get Found Madison

You work hard to get people to your website (or at least you should!), but most of them leave without contacting you or buying. If you can figure out why and make the appropriate changes, you can improve your online marketing funnel and earn more business without having to earn or buy more visitors.

Location: Tingalls Office
12:00-1:15 pm
Free for Tingalls Clients; $30 Non-clients

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Tuesday, April 30

Recruiting and retaining employees: What’s culture got to do with it?

Speaker: Deborah M. Herman, PhD, ACC, Pivot Consulting & Coaching, LLC

Organizations of every kind across the country are facing the same challenge: how do I retain and recruit the best employees? How do I become a place where my best employees want to stay, and they recruit great people to join them? There are many factors, but organizational culture is definitely key. What is organizational culture? How do I assess it, from my perspective as an owner? How do I assess it from the employee’s perspective? And the $64 million question: if I’m not happy with what I see, how do I shift it toward something that’s more productive, more attractive, and healthier for everyone? While there are no magic bullets, join us for this seminar to learn key factors involved in building or improving a great organizational culture.

Location: Tingalls Office
12:00-1:15 pm
Free for Tingalls Clients; $30 Non-clients

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