Tingalls graphic design munch-n-learn seminar series

Tingalls Munch-n-Learn Series

Join us for our up-coming Fall seminar series - professional development with a pickel on the side!

Wednesday, September 18

How to Create Raving Fans- Inspire Incredible Customer Loyalty

Speaker: Susan Thomson, ActionCOACH of Madison

Focused on business owners that are having trouble keeping good clients or feel like people are price shopping. This seminar will discuss how to identify and correct any gaps in your service, How to prioritize the "many" and focus on the "right few" things to make the most impact. How to rally your team to create "Raving Fans!"

Location: Tingalls Office
12:00-1:15 pm
Free for Tingalls Clients; $30 Non-clients

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Wednesday, October 2

On-Line Straight Up – Untangle the Web!

Speaker: Joe Daguanno & Brian Unitan, Adams Outdoor Advertising

Key Takeaways: · Learn what the Zero Moment of Truth is and how to win it · Learn when to use SEO and when to use PPC · Learn which Social Media platform works best for you · Learn some mistakes that others have made · Learn the difference between branded and non-branded search

Location: Tingalls Office
12:00-1:15 pm
Free for Tingalls Clients; $30 Non-clients

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Wednesday, October 16

Dog Whistle Discrimination: How to Identify and Eliminate Unconscious Bias In Your Workplace

Speaker: Mindy Rowland, Owner of Spark LLC

Discrimination or harassment is more than not paying men and women the same thing, or demanding sexual favors in return for a job promotion. It’s calling women “girls” but calling men, men, or referring to a colleague as “an angry black woman.” While overt discrimination is on a downward trend, there remains an undercurrent of unconscious behaviors that make a difference in achieving a workplace that provides a true equal opportunity for all of its employees.

This seminar addresses the sensitive issue of unconscious bias and confronts it head-on – both as it relates to gender, as well as cultural biases. We will delve into how bias is developed in our subconscious and how we can overcome such implicit bias in the workplace. In addition, we will assist owners, managers and administrators in how to recognize bias and how to address it in situations that threaten an inclusive and diverse environment.

Why attend this seminar rather than others out there addressing unconscious bias? Because the seminar will be interactive, keeping you on your toes and guessing what will happen next. Let’s have some fun while we learn!

Location: Tingalls Office
12:00-1:15 pm
Free for Tingalls Clients; $30 Non-clients

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