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Logo design services begin at $500

  • Specific and Unique
  • Professional and On Brand
  • Flexible and Useful
  • Straightforward and Uncluttered

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Complete customized logo designs

Because a striking first impression goes a long way, at Tingalls Graphic Design, we deliver amazing creative logos that get you noticed and remembered. With a unique tone, message, and imagery, our professional designers will create a look that genuinely expresses your brand values. By discovering what makes your business tick, we'll develop a logo that represents it.

Multiple concepts from professional designers

Like all our projects, we have a collaborative approach during the creation of our clients' logos. All of our designers are included into the process in the early stages to create an authentic one-of-a-kind look. By generating lots of unique ideas and visually impressive designs, you'll be able to select the look that shows your brand in its best light.

How the logo design process works:

  1. Our logo design process begins with an extensive intake to learn all about your company, including its history, culture, products, services, anything that makes it stand out.
  2. The designers huddle up for a full team creative, brainstorm session resulting in hundreds of unique sketches which are then whittled down to our top 7-10, digitized and provided as initial concepts.
  3. When the design process is complete, you are provided with a logo usage guide complete with all the file formats you need to begin expanding on your new brand.

Why your logo is important

Your logo represents not only your brand but also your business' future. A dated, poorly designed logo will say more about you than any other piece of collateral you show your customers. Your company's logo should speak to the target market you're looking to reach. By showcasing your brand's individualism and connecting with your potential audience in multiple avenues, you'll create a professional impression that will have them coming back.

Creative design products for your logo

We offer a one-stop-shop brand experience for your convenience. We'll show you ways to put your new logo to good use within business cards, packaging, posters, digital, print, websites, and more.

Experience with hundreds of successful logos across almost every industry

Spanning two decades, Tingalls Graphic Design has been crafting and creating custom logos for businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, and our robust array of experience helps us be one of the best in Madison. Check out the examples below and contact us to learn how we can create the ideal look for your business



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