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Whether you’re looking for a starter website or redesign to better connect with prospects, Tingalls has you covered. Since 2000, Tingalls has designed hundreds of websites for businesses of all kinds – large and small.

Simple, Easy-to-Read Quotes

At Tingalls, our simple website quotes include all aspects of your project. We don’t use technical jargon and as long as your project stays within scope, your estimate matches your invoice.

Stress-Free, Engaging Process

Our design process starts with a kick-off meeting to learn about your company, your target audience, and how you’re unique in your market. This extensive intake provides our team with clear direction saving everyone time and money.

Unrivaled Turnaround

With multiple designers on staff, we provide you with the initial design of your website’s homepage in five days or less … seriously.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our content-based SEO approach is simple … identify the right keywords and strategically put them where Google and other search engines are looking for them. Might seem simple but you’d be surprised how often SEO best practices are omitted.

Multiple Platforms to Match Every Budget

Not sure which platform your new website should be built on? We offer consulting and design services on the following platforms:
    wordpress Logo   Tingalls offers Webflow web design

Own your Website

Tingalls is fully transparent in all aspects of its website design-build process. We believe our clients should own their website once it’s complete. Period.


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