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Google Places for Local Businesses

I recently attended an SMBA meeting with representatives from the local Google office. The topic of the day was Google Places and why your business should register with Google Places. Google designed its Place Pages to help people connect to local businesses more easily and getting set up couldn’t be more convenient with representatives from Google coming to your business to walk you through the procedure at no charge. Why do you want to be listed in Google Places? One out of five searches on Google are related to location and by properly tagging your business to your location you can reach that audience who is searching for your company. … Continue reading

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How to Incorporate Social Media into a Print Campaign

A recent study by the Pivot Conference discovered that 37% of marketers plan to be more active in their social media campaigns in 2012. Why the push for social media? It appears as though people are beginning to grasp the benefits of a social media arm inside of their marketing strategy. There are a number of different ways to incorporate social media into your customer outreach programs but most of them are web based. How can you use your print marketing to boost your social media interaction? The easiest way to bring social media to your print materials is to include your social media information, Facebook web address, your Twitter … Continue reading

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Getting Friendly with QR Codes

A while back we introduced you to QR codes, but what do you do with this new found friend? Well, if you use your QR codes well and take advantage of the benefits their friendship has to offer you can quickly turn them into your business’s BFF. If you’re still asking, “What is a QR code?” we’ll briefly explain. A QR code is a barcode that is adapted for use with smart phones. Basically, that’s all a QR code is. But what makes QR codes special and a wonderful tool for marketing and branding is that it can be tailored to bring a smart phone user to any website you … Continue reading

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Create Your Own QR Code

Below are instructions on creating your own QR Code: 1. Visit a QR code-generating website, i.e. Delivr 2. Add your website address, text message, calendar event, facebook link, etc. using the fields provided and voila! 3.  Download the file and add it to your marketing or promotional items. We also found a really neat website that allows you to watch  a QR Code as it’s being built. Check it out –

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What are QR Codes and How to Use Them

Whether you don’t yet know what QR codes are or you’re a frequent user of them, be prepared because they’re going to become more popular than Justin Bieber and you’re going to see them everywhere you turn. QR codes stand for quick response codes and they’re basically barcodes that can be read by smart phones. This literally can bring your print material to life and allow even a simple business card to interact with your potential client’s phone, which is quickly becoming everyone’s lifeline. A QR code can be customized to include a variety of information including phone numbers, vCards, text messages, HTML links or regular text. When a phone … Continue reading

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