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Tingalls Joins Dane Buy Local

For more than ten years, Tingalls has served Madison and surrounding communities with quality, affordable graphic design and marketing services. In addition to helping Madison-area businesses achieve their branding goals, we’ve also aligned ourselves with local companies to offer a full package of marketing, website design and branding services. Just last month we cemented our commitment to supporting local business by joining Dane Buy Local! What drew us to Dane Buy Local? At Tingalls, the idea of supporting local business is not just a passing trend; it’s a core philosophy we’ve practiced since 2001. Tara began as a small start-up business with a few local clients. Ten years later, we […]

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What’s in a Business Card?

“Wow, now that’s a great business card!” If you haven’t heard this about yours, what are you missing? Business cards are an invaluable opportunity to leave a lasting impression of your organization in the hands of a new contact. They create first impressions, start conversations, express your professional personality and serve as a reference for the future. So, with all the value that can come from a business card, why are so many professionals still using the same tired white cards? Can you remember the last GREAT white business card you’ve seen? Here are a few tips to incorporate into your business cards to make them memorable and effective for […]

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Effective Networking

When you attend a networking event, are you an effective listener? Do you have a great elevator pitch? By Tara Ingalls, owner Tingalls Graphic Design Below are just a few networking tips I’ve picked up the past few years to get the most out of your next event. 1. Bring Plenty of Business Cards. I’m always amazed how many people don’t bring enough or any business cards to a networking event. Your business card is your first impression and often the only way for someone to remember you in the stack of cards they leave the event with. 2. Listen. Whenever I meet someone new, I introduce myself and my […]

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Tradeshow Dos & Dont's – A Tingalls Insider Exclusive

Exhibiting is a great way to increase awareness and create new leads for your business. Last night, Tingalls participated in the South Metropolitan Business Association’s Networking & Exhibit event at The Coliseum Bar in Madison, WI. Because we’re a small business, just like most of you reading this, we compiled this list of tradeshow do’s and don’ts from our experiences at the event. Don’ts: 1) Clutter with too many handouts – It makes you look unorganized. Attendees might infer that you’re trying to do too many things and not doing any of them well. Instead try to pick a few services the attendees might be interested in and concentrate on […]

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Alternative Uses For Business Cards

Aggressive business card marketing isn’t about handing your business cards out to everyone you see. The card itself must have a new use, an innovative design, or something other than the usual contact information printed on it. To make your little card stand out, try these other ideas. Print something other than business card information on biz card-sized cardstock. You have seen loyalty cards for “buy 10 get one free” offers; why not print one of your own? Print a frequent buyer card or other promotional offer on a card. The whole card can be a coupon for a free consultation, a discount, or a free gift with purchase. Remember […]

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10 Business Building Tips

As you may know, Tingalls Design has grown solely by networking and word of mouth marketing. Below are some of my best kept secrets to help build your business. 1. Be seen as a pro. Write an article about your profession and submit it to your local newspaper or neighborhood association’s newsletter. 2. Vehicle Mobile advertising. Letter your vehicle’s bumper with your website address. 3. Join forces. Contact members of your power team; vendors you regularly do business with. You may have the same niche and can share client lists. 4. Exhibit. Showcase a new product or service at an upcoming tradeshow. 5. Be generous. Offer your services for free […]

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Networking Works!

Did you know Tingalls Design began with only a handful of clients back in 2001? Grown entirely through word-of-mouth marketing, networking, and client referrals, Tingalls Design is now the go-to graphic design and web designer firm to nearly 400 start-up and small businesses just like yours! Update: Tingalls Design has celebrated their 1,000 client! Tingalls now does creative logo design for businesses, website design, graphic design, and print Collatoral. We are the design partners for large companies, small companes and non-profits. Save

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