Get to Know the Tingalls Team: Crystal Brabender

Crystal Brabender, Account Manager at Tingalls Graphic Design in Madison, WIName & Title:
Crystal Brabender, Account Manager

How long have you been with Tingalls?
Just had my 1 year anniversary in May

Favorite summer activity?
Being outdoors! Boating, swimming, taking the dogs for walks, and camping 🙂

Favorite restaurant in Madison?
Tex Tubbs!

If you could travel anywhere for 2 weeks, all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you take with you?
I would go back to Norway to spend more time with my family there. I would take my husband and kids.

Brabender family in norway

Looking back, what was your favorite design project and why?
The Brown Sales Website Redesign. I loved how organized the client was! We really can complete a full website in less than a month if we have everything we need from the client.

Website Redesign for Brown Sales Corp

What’s your favorite application to work with and why?
Good old Excel will always be my favorite for keeping organized, but I also love using Airtable to track projects.

What is one resource you refer to often to spark creativity or stay organized? 
I still love my paper calendar/planner!

What is/was your favorite team builder at Tingalls?
I loved going to the Apple Orchard! Anything outdoors really, even our team walks or the pool party at my house:)

Tingalls Graphic Design - Apple Orchard Teambuilder  Tingalls Graphic Design Pool Teambuilder

What is one piece of advice you’d share with a potential client?
If you are unsure what you want or what the steps are to get there, just ask! Our team is a great resource to any client and will even offer advice and suggestions on items that we do not do in house.

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