Get to Know the Tingalls Team: Alyssa Daubs

Name & Title:
Alyssa Daubs, Graphic Designer

How long have you been with Tingalls?
7 years

Favorite summer activity?
Time outside with family & friends!

Favorite restaurant in Madison?
Love me some vegan pizza from Salvatore’s!

If you could travel anywhere for 2 weeks, all expenses paid, where would you go and who would you take with you?
Ireland! I’d take my fiancé and lots of family!

Looking back, what was your favorite design project and why?
BE FAST Bella! She is the face of the WI Coverdell Stroke Program’s BE FAST campaign and demonstrates six of the main signs of stroke; she hopes to reach a younger audience so that kids can spot the signs of stroke. I love when the work I’m doing is part of something that will help people and spread awareness. It has also been so fun to work on something that will reach kids with knowledge and fun graphics!

What’s your favorite application to work with and why?
InDesign! It’s so versatile. I love how much control there is in print design.

What is one resource you refer to often to spark creativity?
Pinterest for sure. So much to see – never-ending inspiration.

What is/was your favorite team builder at Tingalls?
Spoons tournaments! Hands down!

Photo by Steve Daubs

What is one piece of advice you’d share with a potential client?
Hire professionals for every part of your brand! Professional copy writing and photography coupled with good design makes all the difference!

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