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7 Reasons to Add Video to Your Website in 2017

There are a lot of things you can add to your website to generate more sales leads, but few are as simple or effective as introducing online video.
If you haven’t given video marketing a try yet, here are seven reasons we think you should make it a focus in 2017…
#1 Video is Engaging
Psychological studies have shown what we all recognize intuitively – that video captures attention in a way that still images and text can’t. Video engages us on an emotional level, making it more memorable and harder to ignore.
#2 Video Clips Drive Conversions
Because it is emotionally engaging, video can help drive decision-making by web visitors. Additionally, it allows you to share your message in a specific order (since it’s harder to scan ahead in a video than it is within text). For both reasons, adding video to landing pages can boost conversions in a big way.
#3 Video is Perfect for Product Demonstrations
Good product photos are invaluable, but when you want to show off what the items you sell can actually do, nothing beats a video. That’s especially true if you have features that aren’t easy to spot in a written description or bullet point.
#4 Customer Testimonials are Stronger With Video
Written testimonials are good for your business, especially if they are posted to sites like Yelp. But if you really want buyers to understand how your customers feel about your company, record them giving you a 10 or 20 second endorsement. Spoken words have more weight and video can do a better job at capturing genuine testimonial.
#5 You Can Build Buyer Loyalty With Video
One of the most underrated uses for video marketing lies in a behind-the-scenes look at your business and employees. When customers can see that your company is full of real people who care about their jobs, they are much more likely to keep buying from you in the future.
#6 Your Customers Want More Video
We live in an age where people like to watch things, but few of us enjoy reading long blocks of text anymore. Knowing that, it only makes sense to give your buyers what they want and deliver the information you have to share in a video format.
#7 Video is Easy and Affordable
In the past few years, it’s become easier to find and view videos on mobile web devices. At the same time, the costs associated with video production have gone way down. The result is the perfect combination of message, medium, convenience, and affordability.