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Get to Know Tingalls: Alyssa

We at Tingalls like to think we’re a pretty fun bunch. Get to know us a little bit better as we take turns in the spotlight in the upcoming months. This week, it’s Alyssa’s turn!


Role: Graphic Designer
Has been with Tingalls: 3 years
Your role in a few sentences: I work with our team to design the best logos, print pieces, and websites we can for our clients.
Favorite thing about your job: That I get to help people realize their dreams through good design, and that I get to have fun while I do it! And spoons…
First thing you do when you get to work each day: Check email and turn on some jamz 🙂
A work project you are particularly proud of: Branding our client PFS TECO because bringing two existing companies together into one cohesive brand was a great challenge, and all of the pieces work really well together. The projects for PFS TECO included a logo, stationery, trade show materials, and a website.
One of your quirks: I like my ketchup, and most condiments, cold. It’s why I often order condiments on the side…so they stay cold instead of being put right onto a hot sandwich. I also love the smell of coffee, but don’t like the taste. Most of my quirks are food and beverage related.
Where you would go if you were invisible: I’d just drive around in my car…how freaked out would people be?!
TV sitcom family would you want to be a member of: New Girl for sure; they are so quirky, have so much fun, and always have each other’s backs. And Schmidt is hilarious.