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5 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

Why You Should Blog

Why You Should Blog

If your company isn’t blogging regularly, you may want to reconsider the blogging option. Below, Tingalls Graphic Design has collected five good reasons why you should have a company blog on your website and how it can help you promote your company, products, and/or services.

  1. SEO – Blogs help enhance your company’s search visibility or search engine optimization (SEO) in a couple of ways. Blogs give you a chance to use those all-important keywords in a legitimate way more frequently. Blogs should be touched regularly, showing that your website is current and still valid.
  2. Authority – Blogging about your industry and your products and  sometimes about topics that are only loosely related, gives you some authority as a field expert. You become the reliable and trusted source people return to again and again for information.
  3. Marketing – Blogging is a very inexpensive way to promote your company, new products, services, and events. Use a blog to raise awareness and create excitement about what is to come.
  4. Build Relationships – Carefully written blogs can convey a comfortable sense of familiarity and a personal touch between you/your company and your audience. If they trust and feel comfortable with what you are saying, they’re more apt to think of you as someone they have a relationship with and will want to continue that relationship.
  5. Link Building – Link building and legitimate link sharing is a very important aspect of SEO, but it’s also a great way to reach out to new audiences. Begin sharing your blog with “partner” companies who blog. Use their blogs as well (with permission of course) and create a little link juice between your websites. This increases your odds of reaching new customers and your visibility on the search engines.

Blogging has become a very important tool for websites to enhance their search engine visibility, authority, build customer relationships and to market their products and/or services.
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