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Your New Website is Live…Now What?

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There are few things more exciting than watching a brand-new website launch. That beautiful, eye-catching homepage you worked so hard to perfect is finally ready to start impressing customers and pay back your investment. As you bask in your excitement and enthusiasm, though, please remember the launch of your new website is just the beginning. In order for customers to find your new website and appreciate it, you need to promote it to ensure you are positioned for online success. Here are six quick-and-easy tips to get you the results that you want. #1 Announce Your New Website to the World You’re excited about your new web presence. But your … Continue reading

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Why does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

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As a business owner, you may feel as if you’ve been hearing an awful lot about SSL security these days. Chances are, you’ve been using sites with this functionality for years, even if you didn’t notice it. But now you may be noticing emails, blog posts, and other materials suggesting you add it to your site, too. But what is it that makes SSL such a big deal? And why do you need it on your website? To get to the answers, let’s take a quick look at a few of the relevant issues… What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which means a website with this hosting … Continue reading

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3 Website Questions You Have to Ask Your WordPress Designer

3 questions to ask your wordpress website designer when looking for a custom website

In a typical website design process, website security is not thought of until after the business has launched their website. In fact, we find that it’s very rare to ask about web security during the website design process. Regrettably, website security is often brought up only after their website is built. Tens of thousands of WordPress websites are being hacked every week. It’s much better to think about what can be done to prevent an online break-in before the site build is complete than it is to deal with the repercussions afterward. So, if you are considering a WordPress designer or developer for your next website, here are three questions … Continue reading

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Are Custom Themes Better Than WordPress Templates?

wordpress custom vs theme website

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems for websites and blogs. It’s versatile, search engine-friendly, and infinitely expandable. However, these attributes affect the way they are coded beneath the visual layout. This is because designers at WordPress create premade templates, unaware of how they are going to be used once they are chosen for a website or a blog. To make these versatile for anyone, they load them up with lots of features that require HTML and plug-ins that continue operating behind the scenes. Many of these features will be of no use to your business. Business owners find themselves asking whether it’s smarter to work … Continue reading

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Google, Madison Web Design, and Mobile Devices

While it’s our job to design websites, we also work to educate the men and women that we work with about the finer points of maintaining their websites and attracting customers from the Internet. That’s why we’re making sure businesses know just how important it is to upgrade to a responsive web design. It’s our job as a leading Madison web design team to remind them that the mobile market is bigger than you might think. In case you aren’t sure why it’s such a big deal to upgrade to a responsive website, let us walk you through web design and mobile devices… There are no excuses for not having … Continue reading

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Do You Want the Cheapest… or the Best Website Design?

Best Website Design Madison

Most business owners don’t have the time to scout and select a new web designer every few years. Instead, they need to find a stable team who can build and maintain a successful online presence that will be useful and profitable for their company for years to come. However, web design is not an area where most businesses have a lot of expertise, so they go with what they think is most efficient and most profitable. We can easily compare the website design process with another situation where the average consumer has to make a huge buying decision that they’ll have to live with for a few years – the … Continue reading

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Why WordPress Templates Aren’t Such a Great Deal After All

Looking to build a business website without having to pay a professional creative team? A quick look around the web will reveal several different ways you can buy a template, plug in your own content, and create a web presence in just a few hours. Sounds like a fantastic deal, right? It would be, if creating a fully-functional website were actually that easy. Take a closer look and you’ll see there are a number of important drawbacks to a template-built site that are hard to spot with the naked eye. In fact, you might not notice the shortcomings at all until they show up on your bottom line when you’re … Continue reading

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Yes, Google Can Hear You Now!

There are a lot of reasons to embrace online video marketing in 2017. It’s affordable, engaging, and can lead to explosive results in your social media marketing campaigns. There are even some signs that using video clips for introductions, product demonstrations, and testimonials can double or triple the response you get from a landing page. Now, things have gotten even better. That’s because Google has the ability to crawl online videos and incorporate them into search engine results in a way that it couldn’t before. To see how this happened, and why it’s so important, here are a few things you should know… How Video and SEO Used to Work … Continue reading

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How to Write a Killer Video Marketing Script

When it’s time to create a video marketing clip, a lot of business owners will turn on a camera and shoot from the hip. In my experience, that’s not a great idea. While you may know a lot about your subject and enjoy working spontaneously, working without a script or plan virtually guarantees you’ll either forget something you want to mention, repeat yourself needlessly, or end up speaking in a confusing way. You don’t have to be a poet or copywriter to come up with a good script for your video, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time putting your thoughts in order. In fact, you can … Continue reading

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10 Google Analytics Stats You Should Be Watching

Do you ever wish you could have your customers tell you exactly what they want from your website? Wouldn’t it be nice if they would let you know in advance which articles they would read, offers they would respond to, and ads they would find compelling? While you’re not likely to get these kinds of insights in an email or survey, the information isavailable to you if you know where to look. The only problem is that most business owners and marketers ignore the one reliable source of data they have on customers and behaviors: Google Analytics. Completely free and immensely valuable, Google Analytics can tell you a great deal about where your … Continue reading

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