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While other graphic design firms may offer "wordsmiths" that work on your content, Tingalls Graphic Design has a professional copywriting team with decades of experience! We're kind of like investigative detectives, uncovering the secrets behind your success, learning why your customers value you — and solving the mystery of how to best present your business to the public.

Once we've gathered our facts and inspiration, we then create outstanding content for your website, blog, print collateral, emails, social media campaigns, tradeshows and other materials.

  • General Copywriting – We create content that gets your message across in the most effective way possible while shedding a positive light on your company, increasing your credibility and improving traffic to your website.
  • Blog Writing & Ghost Blogging Services – Did you know according to Hubspot, 55% more web traffic is reported by companies that blog? A blog is a fantastic way to reach out to your customers and potential customers. It helps establish your company or nonprofit organization as a thought leader in your industry, which of course adds credibility to your business. A blog provides your website with fresh content on a weekly basis, which improves your overall ranking on search engines — making it easier for you to get found. It also encourages lasting relationships with your customers, and helps convert visitors into new clients!


Top 5 Benefits of Blogging

1. Boost Traffic. Fresh content means more search engine views, which translates into higher rankings — and more traffic on your website!
2. Increase SEO. Ongoing blogging offers more opportunities to utilize keywords and add links back to your site, which enhances your site's SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

3. One Step Ahead. Blog posts are an easy way to announce the latest and greatest achievements in your field, and jump ahead of your competition.
4. Connect on a Personal Level. Blogging can be used as a social media tool, creating friendships, loyal clients and raving fans.
5. User-friendly Admin Panel. Once the blog tool is installed, it's simple to write posts and add photos, tags, categories, etc.

Need help with your blog?

Tingalls Graphic Design can research, write and post blogs for you! We offer several options from individual blog posts to packages that offer 8 blogs per month. Just give us a shout!


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