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Tingalls Dzyn Case Study - Schmitt Technical Services

“[Owner] Tara has a high standard for her work and wants it to be just right for the client.”

About the Client

Case study - schmitt technical servicesOwner: James Schmitt

Been in business since: January 2009   Visit Client's Website >>

Tingalls client since: February 2009

What services/product does your business provide?
We are consultants that conduct special construction material testing.

Who is your target market?
Government agencies, State Departments of Transportation, Engineering firms, Rock & Mineral producers, Oil companies, Resource companies

The Client Needs

What did Tingalls design for you initially?
I needed a good logo and look, I think that's really important to a new business.

What did you want that to accomplish?
Our logo needs to speak about our story and our brand. It's an important first impression. Same with the business card. It's about how you make them feel about your company when they look at your card. I want them to think we've got it going and we're savvy.

The Results

What was your initial reaction to the completed work?
I really like how she took the typical rock in the earth look and developed it into my logo in a creative way. The rocks and pebbles explain our industry while the microscope explains what we do. Plus, I like how conversations are inspired by our cards.

How did the work measure up to your expectations? How satisfied are you?
Very much satisfied my expectations. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to communicate what we do so they could represent it, but they got it.

How do you feel it represents your company?
It does very well and I like it. I get positive response from people about our business cards, literature, flyers, etc.

How has the work affected your business? Sales? Reputation?
It's helped for me to grow and keep my business on track. It's affected our reputation in a positive way. It's also helped sales by identifying who we are to our customers. They know have more clear information about what we do.

How does the work help you compete in the marketplace?
It differentiates me from my competition. It shows professionalism, neatness and gives us a certain dynamic in the marketplace. The work tells a lot of stories and generates a lot of questions.

What aspect of working with Tingalls is of most value to you?
Their prices are affordable and the quality of the work is excellent. Tara understands what it means to be a small business and responds in the way she would want as a small business owner. Everyone at Tingalls is customer service oriented and cordial.

What was your experience like working with our staff?
Staff calls back in a timely manner about my questions and are cognizant before making a move to make sure it's what I want. Tara has a high standard for her work and wants it to be just right for the client.

If you had to describe Tingalls to a friend or colleague, what adjectives would you use?
Responsive, Quality Work, Quick Turnaround Time, and Fun.

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