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Tingalls Dzyn Case Study - Precision Tables

“It got stressful working through the website design and Tingalls Dzyn’s guidance is what helped me to succeed.”

About the Client

Case study - abell insurance agencyOwner: Pat Viste

Been in business since: 2011

Tingalls client since: 2011

Services/products: Custom made (beer pong) tables

Target market: College aged people, mainly 21 to 45 year old adult males

The Client Needs

What did Tingalls design for you initially? Website and a postcard.

What did you want that to accomplish? Set up a website to build a solid ecommerce base and provide information.

The Results

Products: Website and postcard

What was your reaction to the initial designs? I loved the site, especially the first page. It was awesome, just what I wanted; something that was simple and easy to read. It got stressful working through the website design and Tingalls Dzyn’s guidance is what helped me to succeed.

How has the work affected your business? It allowed me to do business online and provides a good backdrop for a high end product. There has been a very positive reaction and we’re directing traffic to the site, now we need to work on more conversions.

How do the designs help you compete in the marketplace? I simply couldn’t without it, with the website I am now able to reach a much larger audience.

What aspect of working with Tingalls is of most value to you? I also appreciated all of the marketing tips and ideas. The communication and feedback was phenomenal. I liked that I got quick responses, sometimes I’d email Tara with a question or an idea after business hours and she’d get back to me from home that same night – it was nice to get that immediate reaction.

What was your experience like working with our staff? Very positive, I loved the communication with everyone.

If you had to describe Tingalls to a friend or colleague, what 3 adjectives would you use? Professional, friendly and quick to respond.

A Note from the Client

Pat loved the experience working with Tingalls Dzyn and feels a connection to the staff, a partnership.


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