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Tingalls Dzyn Case Study - Klinke Cleaners

“Once you find a partner like Tingalls, they become an extension of your marketing department.”

About the Client

Case study - klinke cleanersOwner: Steve Klinke

Been in business since: 1933

Tingalls client since: August 2006

What services/product does your business provide?
Shirts and dry-cleaning service is the core business. But also do alterations and the cleaning of formal wear, wedding dresses, household items like curtains, drapes and rugs and flat work ironing, mostly for linens. Klinke Cleaners has won Best of Madison 28 times in 30 years.

Who is your target market?
30-65-year-olds who want to look good, whether that be professional or fashionable.

The Client Needs

What did Tingalls design for you initially?
In 2006, we won Best of Madison and wanted to let our customers know and thank them for putting us there. I asked for a hang tag to put on all orders.

What did you want that to accomplish?
I wanted it to create awareness of our quality and thank folks for voting. We wanted to give them a pat on the back because the cleaner they've been using is the best.

The Results

What was your initial reaction to the completed work?
I was thrilled! It was done very quickly and very professionally. Plus it was hassle-free for me. I had left a company I was using for 20 years and was nervous about the result. But I couldn't believe how fast it was turned around. It was one of the easiest things I've had to do. They understand the Klinke brand and the importance of keeping it consistent.

How did the work measure up to your expectations? How satisfied are you?
I am extremely satisfied. They accomplish everything I need them to do. And they do it with great communication, speed and quality.

How do you feel it represents your company?
My job is to make sure they everything we put out there presents us well. Tingalls accurately, correctly and consistently represents what I want. Brand consistency is an important part of the customer experience. That consistency of branding is what Tingalls brought to the table.

How has the work affected your business?
It's made my job easier. I can turn over a project and walk away and trust it's in good hands. That's priceless to me. It's a stress reliever to have them working for me and gives me the time and energy to focus on my business.

What aspect of working with Tingalls is of most value to you?
Speed & Trust. I know I'm going to get a great product from Tingalls and in a timely manner.

What was your experience like working with our staff?
Because they know me and my brand, I don't have to meet with a designer every time we do something new. That saves me time.

If you had to describe Tingalls to a friend or colleague, what adjectives would you use?
Trustworthy, Convenient, Fast, Quality, Easy, and Pleasure to work with.

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