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Tingalls Dzyn Case Study - Dane County Cytology Center

“Our brand definitely sets us apart from our competitors.”

About the Client

Case study - graduate school of bankingTim Feit, Assistant Operations Manager, IS Coordinator

Been in business since: 1960     Visit client's website >>

Tingalls client since: Spring 2010

What services/product does your business provide?
Analysis of pap tests, cells, PHV, Limited molecular testing.

Who is your target market?
Rural and Urban Clinics and Hospitals

The Client Need

Why did you choose Tingalls Dzyn?
I wanted to show that we are professional and put together. We weren't going to get that kind of design by doing it ourselves. We realized our logo and website is our image to the world and we wanted to have it done right.

What did Tingalls design for you initially?
Logo redesign.

What did you want that to accomplish?
We wanted to portray a professional image, a company someone can trust. We wanted our logo to show we're breaking out of the cytology-only emphasis because we're a molecular center too.

The Results

What was your initial reaction to the completed work?
Very nice, we received a positive reaction. The designs were clean and simple and projected exactly what we wanted. The business cards are great.

What are your customers saying about the work?
Our staff really likes it, our leaders appreciate it and our board thinks it's a good step forward. All reactions are very positive. We're now pointing clients to our website as a resource for downloading materials, so it's getting some good exposure.

How do you feel it represents your company?
It represents us very well. Exactly what we wanted.

How has the work affected your business? Sales? Reputation?
Our brand definitely sets us apart from our competitors. It's a step in the right direction for our positioning. It's helping us solidify current relationships with customers. It's giving us a better way to reach out to our people and make that link stronger.

How does the work help you compete in the marketplace?
When the opportunity arises for searching for new business, we use our branding as part of the ammunition we need to talk to those folks. We'd be at a disadvantage if we didn't have a website.

What aspect of working with Tingalls is of most value to you?
Accessing a professional and utilizing their expertise.

What was your experience like working with our staff?
The Project Manager and I have a good working relationship. She's very easy to work with and responds quickly to any changes I may have.

If you had to describe Tingalls to a friend or colleague, what adjectives would you use?
Professional, Quality, Bargain (affordable), and Friendly.

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